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Polar Puller

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**Limited quantity**

The Polar Puller is a winter Focus Remote pouch.  Designed for extreme cold weather you will be able to focus on the shot and not what you will do for work if your fingers freeze off. 

The Polar Puller is made of a triple fabric construction, the exterior fabric has a water proof membrane that is great for wet snow, wind or whatever the SFX department is throwing at you. A middle insulation layer is sewn in between and finished with a soft fabric on the interior for your comfort.  The two hand holes are extra-large to fit your hands even with small gloves and the arm of that big jacket you will be wearing.  The holes have a double neoprene flap that are sewn at a 45 degree offset to stop snow and wind entering or losing heat.  The sleeve flaps can be cut further to give a wider opening depending on your needs. The main opening for the remote has a double-sided zipper with big pulls so it can be easily operated with gloves on. A large clip to secure the remote was added, which is also easy to operate while wearing gloves.

Included with every Polar Puller is a white microfiber cloth to wipe humidity or frost from the interior of the pouch. In addition a mesh bag is included that is designed to hold a warming pouch to keep the battery, remote, interior and most importantly your hands warm.

If having the remote hanging from you is not your style or you want to clip in your remote between set ups a 3/8 grommet was installed on the Polar Puller to facilitate the installation of an accessory quick release. A rubber plug is included to plug the hole when not being used.

 I found that using LNKcines and the Filmfrog ARRI Pin-Lock Mount for Preston HU is the best combo for Preston users to customize how the hand set is locked in.  Using LNKcine for the release of the hand set is much easier due to the release buttons being able to be pinched through the exterior fabric, saving you from fighting your fingers on cold metal while trying to release it inside the bag.

For the ARRI Hi-5 hand unit there is no center clip in point. A M4 eye bold that can be screwed on the bottom of the Hi-5 remote to facilitate this is included.

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MADE IN CANADA We know cold